Welcome To the Middle School Staff Websites

Sixth Grade

   Ms. Begin              Math

   Miss Botterman   Literacy

   Mrs. Brown          Science

   Mr. Grosky           Literacy

   Ms. Hannon         Social Studies  

   Miss Quigley        Math

   Mrs. Marino         Math  

   Mrs. Komarek     Science

   Ms. Woulfe           Social Studies

    *    Sixth Grade Homework Link

    *    Sixth / Seventh Grade Homework Link

Seventh Grade

   Ms. Begin               Math

   Mr. Peckham         Science

   Mr. Grosky             Literacy

   Ms. Hannon           Social Studies

   Mrs. Lunz               Math

   Mrs. Marino           Math  

   Ms. Sanborn           Social Studies

   Mrs. Walker            Literacy

   Miss Jones            Science

      *  Seventh Grade Homework Link

Eighth Grade

   Mrs. Cadorette      Literacy

   Mr. Croteau           Social Studies

   Mr. Gannon           Math

   Mr. Harris              Science 

   Mr. McCready       Literacy

   Mrs. Orestis           Science

   Mrs. Parent           Math

   Mrs. Rolser            Social Studies


Unified Arts

   Mrs. Bartlett                  Band

   Mrs. Bilodeau                 Art

   Mrs. Coffey                     Technology

   Mrs. Colford                   Physical Education / Health

   Ms. Cook                        Music  

   Miss Edge                      Band

   Mrs. Collibee                 Library

   Mr. Girard                     Physical Education / Health

   Mrs. MacDonald           Technology Integrator

   Mr. McQueen                Foreign Language

   Mrs. Misenheimer        Drama

   Dr. Morrissette             Foreign Language


Special Education

     Mr. Butler                 Mrs. Moerlein

     Mrs. Warr                 Mrs. Wilson

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