Physical Examination Requirements

State of NH/ Department of Education law pertaining to pre-enrollment status to school: RSA 200:32 & ED 311:03

RSA 200:32 -    Physical Examination of Pupils. – There shall be a complete physical examination by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse of each child prior to or upon first entry into the public school system and thereafter as often as deemed necessary by the local school authority. The result of the child's physical examination shall be presented to the local school officials on a form provided by the local school authorities. No physical examination shall be required of a child whose parent or guardian objects thereto in writing on the grounds that such physical examination is contrary to the child's religious tenets and teachings.

Ed 311.03- Physical Examination of Students. Schools shall accept documentation of a student's physical examination, provided:

(a) The examination has been performed within the past year; or

(b) If an examination has not been performed within the past year, the school shall accept documentation of an appointment for a physical examination with a licensed physician, advanced registered nurse practitioner or physician's assistant within a time determined by the school district for conditional enrollment.

All students in the middle / high school wishing to participate in school sponsored sport programs must have a physical examination on file within the year of the sport activity they wish to participate in. This physical exam will be in effect for the student’s career at that particular school. Any injury requiring medical attention will require a medical release for the student to return to active play.

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Health News

Regarding Flu Season and Immunization:

The most recent guidelines released by the NH Department of Health and Human Services encourages all NH residents over the age of 6 months to get a seasonal flu vaccinations, especially those adults and children at high risk with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. There is no shortage of vaccine this year, and vaccine clinics are available at your health care physician’s office, or in the community at many area pharmacies. Here are some places on the web to visit for more information on flu facts, prevention when traveling, and vaccine information: and

Please send a doctor’s note to the school nurse with the date of your child’s flu immunization, so that this may be added to your child’s school health record.

Click below to view these short informational videos about Influenza:

“How to know if you have the Flu: Flu symptoms” -- From the Centers for Disease Control

Flu attack! How a virus invades your body.”

The Story of the Sleeve.A video made by students from Johns Hopkins University Health
Communications class to demonstrate hygienic coughing to prevent disease spread

The mission of the Sanborn Regional School District Health Services Program is to enable and support life-long learning which encourages all learners to achieve consistently, to master skills, to acquire knowledge, and develop the ability to make informed choices which will positively affect their health and well-being