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Sanborn Connection: By Superintendent Dr. Brian J. Blake


WE WON! Thank you Sanborn Community!

Last week, we received official word from the Nellie Mae Foundation that we were the winner of the Lawrence W. O’Toole Award. As I mentioned in a previous column, the Lawrence W. O’Toole Award is bestowed each year on a school leader or organization exhibiting great leadership through innovation in moving student-centered learning approaches forward in New England. There is one nominee from each New England state each year.

I want to thank the entire Sanborn Community for casting their votes for us. It is a testimony to the value you place on the education we are providing. For our staff, it shows that they are valued for their hard work and dedication to improving educational opportunities for all students. For the State of New Hampshire, it shows how the support of a community can help reform educational efforts in a positive fashion and improve outcomes for our students.

In recent years, the Sanborn Regional School District has become a national leader in competency education and personalized learning. Winning this award is not only a victory for our small New Hampshire school district, but a victory for the countless schools and school districts across the country engaged in similar school reform work. We ARE changing the face of education. While no definitive plans have been made for the use of the $100,000. prize, there are guidelines in place on how the money can and can’t be spent. We also have to wait for the official grant to be given to the school district.

The Lawrence W. O'Toole Award is given by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF). The NMEF is a private foundation focused on school transformation in New England. NMEF is an advocate for student-centered learning approaches - learning that is personalized, engaging, competency-based and happens anytime-anywhere.

Once again, thank you to the entire Sanborn Community for your support and votes to help us win this grant. It will further help us to transform how we educate children in our schools. I’m proud to be a part of Sanborn. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at


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The Sanborn Regional School District is currently accepting applications for a Full-Time Night Custodian.
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On Monday October 26th, Professional Baseball Player Jeff Allison came to the SRHS to speak with  students about being drafted to the  Miami Marlins right out of High School. He shared his story of his additiction to pain killers while in High School that quickly turned into a heroin addication after joining the Major Leagues. Due to this addiction, his dreams of playing professional baseball were gone.

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Panel Discussion on Heroin
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Budget Committee Survey
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The Sanborn Regional School District Budget Committee invites residents of Kingston and Newton to take a brief online survey. The purpose is to find out what sources and media preferences residents have for obtaining information about the district and its budget. It also asks about attendance at budget hearings and meetings. The committee is interested in learning about the most effective ways to educate district residents about the budgeting process and the budget itself so that they will be better informed when they go into the voting booth.

We appreciate your participation and ask that you spread the word about the survey to other residents of Kingston and Newton








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